How to use the range hood’s different speed settings

How to use the range hood’s different speed settings

Understand the best speed suited to your recipe or creation and make the most of your range hood!

Tramontina's range hoods have an Italian motor especially developed for the Brazilian market. It has 3 speed settings with well-distributed outflows to cater to the most diverse situations when preparing food, from the simplest boil to the most intense cooking. Check each speed setting feature below:

SET. 1 - Silent: This speed setting prioritizes acoustic comfort, as it's the least noisy one. This is recommended to boil liquids and cook food in general (without frying) in smaller saucepans.

SET. 2 - Comfort: This is the recommended setting to prepare meals, as it has an ideal balance between product flow and noise level. Use this when boiling liquids, cooking food in general, preparing meals with mild aromas, and moderate frying.

SET. 3 - Turbo: With this setting, you get the maximum performance out of your range hood, working at its full capacity. This speed setting is ideal for frying and dishes with stronger aromas.

Tramontina special tip: Did you know that the noise made by Tramontina's range hood at speed setting 1 (silent), when set to exhaust mode, can be compared to a normal conversation at a distance of one meter? The sound perception may vary according to the environment and the installation mode the hood is set up to.

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