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How to keep your home in order?

How to keep your home in order?

There is nothing better than having a clean and well-organized home. Even with a hectic routine, you can keep your environment this way.

The secret is to do a little bit each day. Just a few minutes and a couple of activities are enough to leave your home just the way you like it. Put on some comfortable clothes, hit play on a lively playlist on your cell phone (or your favorite podcast) and spend a few minutes to organize things. 

1. Make your bed every day. 

This simple habit is important to let your environment breathe and start house work. 

 2. Don’t leave the dishes for tomorrow. 

You may want to, but the more you put it off, the more dishes build up. And nobody should have to spend hours washing dishes. 

3. Water your plants.

Don’t forget to do this a few times a week. Also make sure they are getting the sun required for each type of plant or see if they need to change position.

4. Sweep the floor a few times per week.

Dust is that invisible foe. We only see it when a lot has already accumulated. For this reason, create the habit of mainly sweeping the areas of most traffic in the home. 

5. Change towels and sheets every week. 

This is good for your health and also increases the product’s lifespan. And each member of the family should have his or her own linens.

6. Take the garbage out every day.

It’s fast and prevents bad smells in the home. If trash is separated, even better. This facilitates recycling. 

7. Once a week, deep cleaning.

This step can take a little longer, but over the course of the week you will see that it’s worthwhile. Don’t forget any corner or the stainless steel appliances. Leave everything shiny to give it a special touch. 

With these tips, it will be easy to always keep your home in order.


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