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How to have a picnic in your backyard

How to have a picnic in your backyard

Invite your family to enjoy the summer the best way possible.

Is there anything better than a good breakfast or afternoon tea? Yes! Enjoying this delicious meal in the backyard, outdoors, with a good old picnic. 


We have gathered 3 quick tips to make this moment more organized and special:


1) Create a good atmosphere!

The picnic is not just about delicious food, it is accompanied by the happiness of being with those we like. Therefore, the ambience has to be pleasant for everyone. Start by laying out a towel or sheet on the grass, with some pillows for those who want to be more comfortable. If it has a plaid fabric, even better!


2) What are the best snacks?

Bet on chopped fruit, mini sandwiches, snacks, brownies, muffins, cupcakes, and whatever else your creativity allows! The best option is to have individual portions, to streamline things. Don't forget about cold drinks such as water or juice, especially on hot summer days.


3) And where to serve it?

The classic picnic basket can be replaced by small containers, so you can separate the food well and avoid mixing the flavors. You can place everything on a folding tray to make it easier to pick up the food. Don't forget about utensils: plates, flatware, glasses, napkins, and bags for storing garbage.


That's it! Now that you know all the steps, just invite the family and enjoy this moment. 


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