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How to grow fruit trees in plant pots

How to grow fruit trees in plant pots

Check out the step-by-step guide to growing fruit trees at home.

The pleasure of harvesting and consuming fruits directly from the tree does not have to be only for those who have wide and open spaces. Some fruit trees can also be grown indoors in plant pots. They just need to be exposed to direct sunlight few hours a day.

Fruit trees producing apples, jabuticaba berry, cherry, pitanga cherry, blackberry, guava, blueberry and citrus species such as orange, lemon and tangerines are some of those that can be very well cultivated in plant pots. Can you imagine having these aromas, colors and flavors close to you?

To make this a reality, check out some tips we gathered to help you with the first steps:


  • Choosing a plant pot: use lightweight plant pots, such as the fiberglass or plastic ones. Medium or large size for a good development of the plant.

  • Drainage: plant pots need to have holes in their base to allow excess water to drain. In addition, it is essential the drain is made so as not to obstruct the flow of water over time. Place a 10 cm layer of gravel in the plant pot bottom and a geotextile fabric over it. Finally, place the substrate/soil.

  • Fertilizing: it is important to introduce a good fertilizer before planting. Prepare the soil with organic fertilizers, humus or other available material. After planting, do not mix the soil. Fertilizers can be placed on the soil surface so it will seep in with the irrigation and be absorbed by the roots.

  • Maintenance: perform frequent pruning so that the plant doesn’t get too big. It is important to keep a balance between its roots and shoots. At this stage, branches affected by a disease or pest can be removed, thus preventing the usage of chemical products.

It is always good to remember that fruit trees, when planted at home to develop naturally, usually have a fruit cycle of a year or more. So be patient.

By the time it bears fruits, simply taste them straight from the tree!


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