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How to create a vertical garden at home

How to create a vertical garden at home

Little space and lots of versatility to care for your plants

This text is for those who live in a small apartment but still want to have their own garden. Even more so now that the urban jungle style is on the rise. 

Vertical gardens are a great choice for those who live in smaller environments as they can be set up in any corner of the home. In the living room, on the porch or in the kitchen, growing fresh herbs.

As a base, you can choose a wood bookcase, giving the environment a rustic touch, or vertical shelves. If you want more practicality, opt for the flower panel boards, which are easy to assemble and super versatile. They let you can build a hanging garden and even set up a space to store your gardening tools and items.

Once the panel is installed, choose the species you want to grow. If you prefer a more colorful garden, bet on different flowers, and if you want a greener landscape, go for foliage. The ideal is to select plants that have similar needs, such as the same amount of sun and water per day.

Hanging plants, such as ferns, give volume and bring a green wall effect. A trend that goes beyond its ecological aim: it benefits the environment and even favors better quality of life. 

Now that you know how to set up a garden that doesn’t need much space, why not bring more life into your home? 


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