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How to choose the best light for your environment

How to choose the best light for your environment

Learn more about LED bulbs and light things up in an economical and efficient way

When building or renovating, it’s important to think about how each item will be lit so that all the environments are comfortable. Learning more about types of bulbs is the first step to making the right decisions!

LED bulbs, with innovative technology, have been very well received by interior designers and architects, who use them today in the most varied projects. If you don’t know much about LED lighting, there are some key differences:


More light efficiency: guarantees savings in daily electricity consumption.

Longer durability: 2 years of warranty and 25 thousand hours of use.

Environmentally sustainable: the bulb’s material is 100% recyclable.


Also, LED lighting has more variations in color, tones (cool and warm) and shapes, leaving the environment the way you always imagined! With UFO light fixtures, you can choose among 5 different colors: white, black, red, green and blue, to make the lighting more uniform and modern. They can also be used as lamps.


To help you decide, we have gathered some tips:

When buying your LED bulbs, pay attention to the color temperature rating, identified by the letter K. The higher it is, the whiter the shade.


Warm or yellow light: Varies between 1000K and 3000K.

Usually used in environments where you want to create a more relaxing atmosphere. Warm light is recommended for bedrooms, living, dining and TV rooms, places of rest and relaxation, because it brings a feeling of warmth and visual comfort. 


Neutral light: Varies between 4000K and 6000K.

In bathrooms, kitchens and service areas, neutral light is very effective because it meets the viewing needs of these environments.


Cold or white light: Varies between 7000K and 9000K.

Ideal for commercial spaces, study rooms, offices, schools and medical facilities. The color white is more stimulating, favoring alert and attentive behavior.


Now that you know how to choose the best lighting for your environment, click here to check out our complete line and get yours now!


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