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Are you the type of person who loves doing manual work and creating your own things? If so, this is for you!

Small details in color and special items make all the difference in your decór. Whether it's a shelf with more plants, chairs with decorative cushions or a table with books and candles, every piece of furniture and item you place in your environment will make all the difference.

And to ensure that these items will reflect your own personal style, there’s nothing like assembling and painting them yourself with your favorite color. So, we have a suggestion: how about creating your own side tables to decorate your home?

Please review the assembly steps:

1. Cut 3 legs of 43 cm long x 5 cm high x 2 cm wide

2. Cut 3 sides of 36.5 cm long x 6 cm high x 2 cm wide 

3. Cut 3 fixing blocks of 3.85 cm long x 6 cm high x 4 to 6 cm wide

3.2 Make 2 side-by-side holes in each block

4. Make a triangular table top of 43 cm on each side

4.2 On each of end of the table top, cut out a triangle with a 5 cm base

5. Glue the blocks to the ends of the sides, creating a triangular structure

6. Glue and screw legs into the structure

7. When the glue dries and the structure is firm, glue the top

8. Paint the color of your choice

Check out the full step by step here: 

Tramontina has everything for you to do beautifully well at home!


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