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Hoses are not just for watering the garden

Hoses are not just for watering the garden

Discover new ways to use the hose in addition to taking care of plants

When we think about hoses, the first thing that comes to mind is watering plants. Or washing the car. But this item has many other uses!

For example, how about enjoying a weekend of good weather to fill the pool and play with the kids? If your pool is the type that can be set up anywhere, even better. And you do not even have to worry about carrying buckets of water, because the 50 meters of the Tramontina Flex Hose ensure the supply of your fun!

Giving the dog a nice bath is also not bad in this heat. Animals like water, so do not forget to wear clothes that can get wet. But avoid waste: turn on the water just to wet and rinse your little friend, ok?

Another use is to clean areas of the house that are more difficult to access, such as the outside of high-level windows. Depending on the height, by using a nozzle or a water spray gun, you can handle the mess without needing a ladder.

Remembering that there is no rule to impress, ok? 


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