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 Have little space but want a Christmas tree?

Have little space but want a Christmas tree?

How about making a clothesline of lamps and turning it into the main ornament of the room?

The inspiration of the lamp clothesline is American and in recent years it has been used in different situations like wedding, outdoor parties, holiday celebrations, balconies and even in home decor. The clothesline of lamps is nothing more than a long wire with lights along its length, much like a Christmas flasher.

To help you with this decoration accessory, let's list the necessary materials you probably already have at home. In the end, you can still customize it so that you value even more the  room lighting, such as inserting other adornments to match the tones of the room decorations.

Here's what it takes to assemble your clothesline:

- Measuring tape to measure wire length and distance between lamps;

- Sockets for lamps;

- Personal protective equipment such as gloves and glasses;

- Flexible power cable that will serve as the basis for making your clothesline as you define it (for up to 50 lamps you can work with 1.00mm² wire);

- Stilleto;

- Pliers for stripping or cutting the wires;

- Adhesive tape for insulation;

- Male plug that will be used to plug into the socket;

- Screwdriver to install the wire in the plug;

- LED lamps - you can choose cold or warm color temperature.

See the step by step:

1 - Before buying the cable, it is important that you measure with the tape measure the place where you want to install your lamp, which will be your new Christmas tree. To make it easier, you can make a marking with any wire you have at home, draw the size of your tree, remove it from the wall and measure it. Be sure to check if the place has a power outlet to plug it in when ready. For the composition to be beautiful, it is interesting that the cable and socket are the same color.

2º - With all the items in hand, start with the sockets. Take the cables and cut the excess with the pliers, if applicable. Then strip the tips using a stilleto or the pliers themselves. At one end we chose to apply a socket, securing each of the wires and insulating with the adhesive tape.


3º - With the tape measure, measure the distance between one lamp and another. You define the distance you understand as ideal and the visual impact you want to create in the environment. Then pick up the socket, measure the open ends in opposite directions, and mark on each side the points to be blasted.


4º - In the places marked on the cable, it will be necessary to detach the junction of the wires. Be careful not to cut the inner wires if using the stylus in this step.

5º - With the demarcated points of the wire, it's time to get the stilleto. Very carefully remove the plastic surrounding the copper wire.


6º - Now take the sockets and join the open ends that were made in the cable by wrapping the ends of the socket wire with the open part in the cable. Use adhesive tape to insulate the joint at all points.


7º - Once the sockets are joined in the wire, put the male plug in one end of the cable. To open it, use the screwdriver to loosen the outer screw and then the inner ones. Inside trim, where indicated, insert the copper wires and tighten enough so that they do not come loose. Then close the plug.


8º - With the cable, sockets and plugs mounted it is time to apply the lamps. It is important to test and see if they are all working before attaching the clothesline to the wall with the Christmas tree design. You can fix it any way you like and insert other adornments to match your personality. When everything is stuck, snap in the lamps.

9º - Okay, now just plug in and enjoy with your family your beautiful Christmas tree!

Conscious Consumption Tip

To make a clothesline of lamps and have a Christmas effect, it takes many lamps. Therefore, it is important to know that you may have more electricity consumption. How about uniting business with pleasure and making a line of LED bulbs? You will look the same, but using low power light bulbs with good brightness.

Safety Tip

We are talking about an item that makes use of electricity. Therefore, we recommend contacting a specialist, as the clothesline will be connected to electricity and, if poorly designed, can cause serious accidents.


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