Give a good show at your first Barbecue in your new home

Give a good show at your first Barbecue in your new home

A new home begs for the housewarming party it deserves. Are you thinking of scheduling that barbecue with friends to celebrate the new phase?

Then check out our tips so you don’t forget anything and surprise your friends like a true grill master.

Barbecue grill: where everything happens.
First and foremost, you need to know where to prepare your meat. There are many Tramontina models of charcoal or gas grills, and even the traditional masonry barbecue grills. Choose the one that best matches your taste and that of your guests. It’s also crucial not to forget the charcoal or gas, and to light the fire 30 to 40 minutes before you start cooking.

Knives: the grill master’s best friends.
Choosing the right knife model is super important for a tasty and respectable meal. V-shaped blades, between 8 and 10 inches, are the most suitable for all stages, such as cutting and cleaning raw meat, boning, and after roasting, cutting and removing excess salt.

Another thing: it’s no good to have the right knife and leave it dull. 

Each blade has a honing steel with special designs and materials that ensure the perfect edge. If you are in doubt, look for the Knife Kit with Honing Steel, which can help you out.

Cutting boards: every barbecue needs one.
Meats, tidbits and vegetables are the stars of the meal and deserve an exclusive spot on the grill. So cutting boards are essential in all preparation stages and when serving. Tramontina Cutting Boards are made of fine wood with a non-toxic varnish finish and antimicrobial protection.

Flatware: don’t focus only on the meat and forget the table.
Flatware make all the different for the appearance of the barbecue. The details of the Tramontina Jumbo Stainless Steel Barbecue Flatware Set with Polywood Handles brings the whole delicious tradition to the table. In addition to the characteristic design, they are sturdier and remain looking good for longer.

Kits: everything you need to do things beautifully on the grill.
For those who are just starting to learn the art of grilling as well as for those who are more experienced, the suggestion is to rely on complete equipment. We have the Tramontina 4-Piece Barbecue Kit for just this purpose.

Now you can just call the gang and get to grilling. Good luck!


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