For a lawn that is always beautiful and well-tended

For a lawn that is always beautiful and well-tended

Flowers, a flower bed, and gorgeous decorations always make a garden inviting, but if the lawn is not well cared for, it all goes to waste. Check out our tips to optimize the time you take to tend to your lawn.

Before anything else, you need one essential thing: a lawn mower. This can be the riding type, electric, or even gas powered, but you will need one. And to trim corners and finalize details, we suggest you also have a grass trimmer.

The first step is to check whether the lawn needs to be mowed. If it's 3 to 5 cm tall, it's time to get it cut. After this step, the next step is also simple and doesn't take too much time: clearing the lawn. Using a shrub or leaf rake, remove any branches, rocks, metal pieces, or other debris from the lawn that may damage your lawn mower or cause accidents.

With the lawn ready to be mowed, it's time to adjust the mower. You will need to manually set the mower's height according to the defined height for the grass, and it's important to always verify whether the mower's blade is sharp and clean.

When operating the mower, move it carefully to prevent injuries. Remember to vary the mowing direction from time to time. This helps to keep the lawn beautiful and healthy. The suggestion is to mow each "row" in a different direction.

After mowing the entire surface of the lawn, use the trimmer to cut the grass in corners, along the edges of walls, around shrubs, and along pathways. Be mindful of areas around trees as the cutting string may damage them.

Finally, clean all the machinery used before storing them. Refer to the instruction manual for the correct cleaning and maintenance procedures for each piece of equipment.

Now that you know all the steps to do beautifully well when looking after your garden, don't forget to click here to check out the entire line of Tramontina's lawn mowers and other gardening equipment.


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