Do you know how to care for your Tramontina range hood?

Do you know how to care for your Tramontina range hood?

Everything you purchase demands a certain level of care so it can last longer. To help you care for your range hood, we have compiled some tips.

When you have a range hood, either the exhaust or filtering type, some maintenance is necessary to ensure it's clean and efficient. The range hood must be clean to ensure its efficiency and performance, and this process must be done at least once every two weeks with a damp cloth and mild soap. If your range hood has a charcoal filter*, don't forget to replace it every four months or so!

Another thing you should do is wash the metallic filter, which is responsible for filtering grease. Try to clean it at least once a week to ensure a better performance from the range hood for longer. 

If you are cleaning it manually, place the metallic filters in a hot water solution with mild detergent. Let it soak for some time and then brush the filters carefully, rinse, and dry. Wait until the filters are completely dry before reinstalling them in the range hood. Oh, it's important to remember not to use the range hood without the filters! 

Tramontina special tips:

1. Did you know that the metallic filter can be cleaned in the dishwasher? Put it in together with the rest of your crockery and save time in the kitchen!

2. Did you know that Tramontina offers special cleaning products to care for your items?

Microfiber mitt: This accessory is designed to polish and remove fingerprints from surfaces. The mitt's main distinguishing feature is its practicality, as it does not require chemical products to be applied on its surface. You can simply dampen one side with water and use the other side to dry and clean the item. The mitt does not remove scratches. The mitt can be cleaned in the washing machine.

Glass polishing paste: Recommended to polish glass and glass ceramic surfaces. Used to remove stains caused by grease and water on cooktops, glass cooktops, glass lids, windows, shower boxes, etc.

Superinox: Superinox is ideal to lightly clean stainless steel surfaces and has the power to maintain the piece's natural shine, whether it's a range hood, sink, refrigerator, banister,  elevator, or even domestic utensils such as pans, serving sets, etc.

Stainless steel polishing paste: This product is recommended to efficiently polish stainless steel surfaces. To avoid scratches, apply the product in the direction of the superficial finish on the stainless steel. Use it to remove stains caused by grease and water on sinks, pans, kettles, serving sets, cooktops, etc.

3. Did you know that the activated charcoal present in the range hood filters has the power to remove liquids, gases, and impurities?

Activated charcoal is obtained from burning certain types of organic materials and treating it with water vapor at high temperatures under a controlled atmosphere, which leads to the opening of pores in the charcoal, giving it excellent absorbing properties.

Would you like to know more? Click here to check our models and decide which one is best for you.

*The activated charcoal filters and other replacement parts can be bought from an Authorized Service Provider in your city.  Please refer to the Tramontina Authorized Service Network leaflet included with the product or access


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