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Coffee area

Coffee area

Find out how to build this environment in your home!

Whether in the kitchen, living room, or even in your home office, the coffee corner deserves special attention, especially if you are passionate about this drink! See how to set up your space:

French Press, Italian or electric coffee maker? Each one has its peculiarities. But if you can have them all if you want to! Do not forget glass or stainless steel cups, a manual or electric grinder, a serving tray, a thermos to keep the drink warm, spoons, and a sugar bowl. 

You can place the utensils on different pieces of furniture: it can be on a countertop, a wooden sideboard, a plastic table, a serving cart, on the shelves… There are no rules to impress!

Once assembled, decorate the space with your own style. Light fixtures, frames, and flowers are some cool options to customize your corner. Also take the opportunity to add some side dishes for coffee, such as sweet or savory cookies.

With these tips, it is easy to build a super special corner!


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