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Children's gardening

Children's gardening

Cultivate a love of nature in your home from an early age

Plant learning, reap fun

Children are always eager for new games. Many parents find it difficult to come up with ways for the little ones to spend their energy in a healthy way. With that in mind, our tip is for those who want to get their hands dirty, or rather, in the dirt, and have a lot of fun in the process.

The habit of planting and cultivating, in addition to being fun, also creates a sense of responsibility in children. After all, they closely monitor all plant development cycles from planting to – if all goes well – harvesting. This fosters, in every way, the taste for natural, healthy and varied food with the inclusion of fruits, vegetables, and fresh herbs.

All the help is welcome

A child's first steps in the world of gardening must be taken with great care. In the beginning, they just help the parents and stay away from sharp and dangerous tools. They must be resistant, visually attractive and, above all, safe.

With this in mind, Tramontina has separated some product suggestions to make the children's games more convenient, fun, and safe:

Plastic Tool Sets: shovels to plant some seeds or seedlings and forks to stir and turn the earth. These tools are very versatile and can be used both in plant pots and outdoor gardens.

Mimmo plant pots/plant pot holders: ideal for flowers, foliage, or even small fruit seedlings. And they also provide for a more sustainable future for your little one, as they are ecologically correct, made of green plastic.

● Self-watering planter pots: they make planting even easier, as they have a system that regulates soil moisture, leaving the plants always well-watered. In addition, they are compact and can be used as vegetable gardens on balconies or on the windowsills.

Watering cans: such as the Mimmo plant pots, they are also made of green plastic. Its compact size streamlines handling by children and allows for use both in the backyard and in a mini apartment garden.

Sprayers: planting is not enough; it is necessary to ensure that the plants grow strong and healthy. For this, children can rely on sprayers for the application of foliar fertilizers or organic solutions, which help eliminating possible diseases in the plants. Available in different sizes.


With these tips and products, it is even easier and more pleasant to impress in the vegetable or plant garden.


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