Celebrating each month with loads of love

Celebrating each month with loads of love

Do you know what to celebrate in your first year of marriage? Get organized and surprise your love with special moments month by month.

Each month in your first year of marriage is a special celebration, a date that needs to be lived with much love. Understand what to celebrate each month and organize many surprises for your love! #HappilyEverAfter

1st month: as sweet as coconut kisses

The first month into your marriage is possibly the most special of all. The joy of celebrating the first special date for the couple is beyond comparison!

To celebrate your Coconut Kisses wedding anniversary, how about sending a selection of gourmet coconut kisses and chocolate truffles to your love? Specialized stores have the most delicious variations, from Belgian white chocolate to lactose-free options.

2nd month: as tasty as ice cream

To celebrate the second month of a marriage and your Ice Cream anniversary, a creative celebration is to plan a day of fun based on the theme of the month! To celebrate this day with loads of love, how about decorating the house in a special way and put together a menu themed around this tasty dessert?

3rd month: as fun as cotton candy

The first few months of a marriage are so amazing they remind us of the fun and delicacy of childhood, right? To match this feeling, celebrate your Cotton Candy anniversary as deserved: with childhood treats, walks with your love, and lots of affection and happiness in each moment.

4th month: as joyful as popcorn

The celebration of the fourth month of your marriage has to be as special as the date indicates! To celebrate your Popcorn anniversary, how about getting inspired and preparing a surprise movie session for your love? Organize the house to create a romantic atmosphere and have a night in just for the two of you to celebrate this union.

5th month: I love you more than chocolate

On this special date, how about using the symbolism of the Chocolate anniversary for a day filled with sweet moments? Be creative and plan a day that matches your love's taste for this treat: exchange gifts, go visit the spot of your first kiss, enjoy a romantic dinner in your favorite restaurant— anything that means time together!

6th month: living the ease of a shared life

The Feather anniversary marks the sixth month into the marriage, a milestone for the couple! Our tip is to present your significant other with pillows or cushions that can be used to decorate your bed, spreading the love even more across your special little corner.

7th month: 7 months of smiles and bright eyes

To celebrate your Glitter anniversary and create incredible memories to mark the seventh month of your marriage, how about buying something symbolic that will bring ideas for the future?

A good idea is to give a miniature globe with a tourist attraction, suggesting the destination for your next trip together, or investing in a new camera to record all your moments together.

8th month: as soft as a pompom

Let your creativity loose when celebrating the eighth month of your marriage! Organize a special day for your Pompom anniversary. Give them a gift that represents a memorable moment in your history or prepare a romantic dinner so you can enjoy your home together and make the most of your own little corner in another special moment.

The important thing is to celebrate love!

9th month: 9 months of pure happiness

The Maternity anniversary may be a great opportunity for the couple to remember memorable moments of the birth of their relationship. The spot of their first date or where they said "I love you" for the first time could be remembered on a day of walks, with a special dinner where the proposal happened to end the day with all the love in the world.

10th month: 10 months of much love and affection

To celebrate the Lovebirds anniversary, how about breakfast in bed?

You can prepare a special menu with fruit, toast, eggs, juice, and everything that your love likes to start the day with lots of love and make this date special from the get-go!

11th month: stickier than bubble gum

Fun is the keyword for this anniversary celebrated by those who always stick together!

How about taking your love to see that place where you've always wanted to go but never had the opportunity? Or preparing a picnic with all your favorite foods?

Celebrate this day with lots of love and live out your happily ever after with your soul mate.

12th month: one year of love on paper

We never forget the first year of being married and the celebration has to be as memorable. How about celebrating with a photo shoot or a really romantic trip?

Another tip is to celebrate this date by revisiting one of the best memories of the wedding: how about reliving the proposal in the same place and exchange rings again?


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