Barbecue-for-two tips

Barbecue-for-two tips

For a true barbecue lover, being alone or just with your partner is no excuse not to make some good grilled meat!

Check out some tips we gathered to make no mistake in such moments: 

Select the meats
We suggest selecting smaller cuts that cook faster, such as tenderloin, sausage and strip steak. To season, go the traditional route: coarse salt to get it right.

Plan the amounts
The usual recommendation is 400 grams of meat per person. Thus, a barbecue for two is unlikely to include a wide variety of meats. For the fire, you can use an average of 1 kg of charcoal for each kg of meat.

Don’t forget the basic kit
A sharp knife, tongs and a cutting board. We recommend the Stainless Steel Barbecue Kit with Natural Wood Handles. With this kit, you will be ready to prepare some good barbecue. If you intend to make barbecue-for-two often, it’s worthwhile to also invest in a charcoal grill

Don’t forget the side dishes
Barbecue is only complete with the proper sides. Bet on some simpler options, such as potato salad, garlic bread and onions. If you like, you can also try some vegetables on the grill, such as bell pepper and zucchini.

What matters is making the barbecue special! Bon appétit!


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