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Learn more about cookware

April 29, 2017

There are so many choices of cookware in the marketplace that a new cook might not know how to choose. Does it make a difference to prepare a recipe in one pot or another? Yes, it does. Think of the pot as a conductor of heat – already you can perceive some fundamental differences since each recipe calls for a certain type of cooking to come out just right. Below we point out some types of cookware that you should have in your kitchen so that you will have the right utensil for different recipes.

  • Steamer

    Lower reservoir for holding water. Inside the base, there is a round piece with holes. Ideal for legumes and chicken for shredded chicken.

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  • Deep Skillet

    Available with or without a lid. Ideal for: deep frying. Not recommended for frying in small amount of oil because it can drown out the food and release liquid.

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  • Shallow Skillet

    Low and round with a long handle. Ideal for: fried foods that use little oil, stir-fried vegetables, fried eggs, farofas (mixture of manioc flour with oil or other ingredients) and foods that do not produce much liquid.

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  • Grill

    Comes in different shapes, with side handles or one long handle. Model with grooves allow fat to run off. Ideal for: beef, chicken fillets and grilled meats in general.

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  • For Daily Use

    If the recipe does not specify the ideal pot or pan, then use the most traditional of cookware: deep, round, with a handle and lid. Ideal for: Rice, oatmeal and other soft cereals, as well as being the wildcard in the kitchen.

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  • Casserole Dish

    Large and deep with two side handles and a lid. Narrower on top than on the bottom. Ideal for: beans, rice, stews, jams and compotes.

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  • Pasta Pot

    Comprised of a tall stockpot and interior colander, both with side handles. Ideal for: cooking pasta, it can be used for preparing legumes.

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  • Griddle

    Shallow with low sides. Ideal for: crepes, tapioca, pancakes and fine pasta.

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  • Steam Basket

    An accessory for steaming food. It should be coupled with a pot with a corresponding diameter. Ideal for: legumes shredded chicken.

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  • Stockpot

    Deeper than the casserole dish, with two handles. Ideal for: Feijoadas (Brazilian national bean stew dish), multi-ingredient stews, broths and soups.

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  • Paella Pan

    Shallow, with low sides and flat bottom. Smaller models can be placed in the oven for browning foods. Ideal for: preparing paella.

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  • Wok

    With a glass lid, a grate that assists with food preparation and a vessel for steam cooking, the Wok is ideal meats, chicken, roasts, au gratin and fish.

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  • Lyon

    Works as an oven, as the thickness of the interior walls and of the lid maintain a constant internal temperature. In addition, the nonstick interior allows for cooking various dishes without using oil or other fat.Ideal for: preparing cakes, puddings, meats, pizzas, bread and many other dishes.

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