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Caring for Tableware

May 30, 2017

Beautiful items that give an air of sophistication to any table. They should be on every bride’s list as they will be used on each and every occasion. You can mix up the uses indicated for each item in your set and serve in unusual ways, such as a delicious fruit punch in a soup tureen, or appetizers on narrow, oval platters normally used for fish.

Care Tips

It is not necessary to avoid using stainless steel products, such as tableware, to prevent wear and tear to the product. According to the “Núcleo Inox - Núcleo de Desenvolvimento Técnico Mercadológico do Aço Inoxidável” (Brazilian Association for the Technical and Commercial Development of Stainless Steel, a non-profit organization), if cared for properly, high-quality stainless steel is very durable and will maintain its beauty and luster for a long time. It is easy to take care of. Stainless steel does not rust the way carbon steel products do, which develop a peeling red layer. In the majority of cases, stains that form on the surface of a stainless steel utensil are due to particles of iron that contaminated the stainless steel. These particles are what causes the rusting and not the serving platter. For tough stains, apply a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and rubbing alcohol with a soft cloth or nylon dishcloth but never use steel wool. Aside from scratching off the finish, steel wool leaves tiny particles that can cause further stains. Routine cleaning:

- The best products for preserving stainless steel are mild soap or detergent and water. Ammonia-based cleaners should be diluted with warm water and applied with a soft cloth or nylon sponge. Rinse with warm water and dry with a soft cloth. It is very important to dry thoroughly to avoid the appearance of stains on the product surface. Routine cleaning prevents stains on stainless steel surfaces.

  • Stand for Ovenproof Dish

    Essential for serving hot dishes at the table.

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  • Fruit Bowl

    The name suggests that this item is to be used for various fruits, but you can try other uses, such as for sweets, candies and even flowers to decorate the table.

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  • Cake Plate

    Besides cakes, you can serve varied and colorful miniature sweets.

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  • Salad Bowl

    Different greens look lovely in this salad bowl, which can also be used to serve fruit and different kinds of bread.

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  • Fish Platter

    Rectangular and shallow, ideal for fish and mini-portions.

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  • Legume Warmer with Lid

    Besides being a fine addition to any elegant table, it keeps cooked foods warm. Ideal for fish and legumes in general.

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  • Soup Tutreen with Lid

    Besides soups, you can serve creamy desserts or punch.

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  • Hors D’oeuvres Plate

    Peanuts, nuts, cheese and small delights stay organized on this hors d’oeuvre plate.

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  • Deep Serving Platter

    Ideal for serving foods that require deep spoons, such as rice, beans, sauces and pastries.

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  • Round Bread Basket

    Besides bread, this basket can be used to serve fruit.

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  • Sauce Dish

    For regular and sweet sauces.

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  • Deep Serving Platter with Lid

    Keeps foods warm and adds a touch of sophistication to your table.

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  • Divided Serving Tray

    Ideal for small portions and for foods that go together.

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  • Salad Bowl

    Basic and deep, this bowl is perfect for serving salads, bread, creamy desserts and anything else your imagination may allow.

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  • Sauce Set

    Sophistication for serving sauces at the table.

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  • Soup Set

    Just as with the soup tureen, this set can be used for sauces, broths, desserts and dishes such as feijoada (Brazilian national dish made of black beans, pork and other ingredients).

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