6 pcs Cupcake set

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6 pcs Cupcake set

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Stimulate your child's creativity teaching them to cook with the Tramontina MonsterChef utensils. The utensils are safe, easy to use and suitable to all levels of experience. You can teach your child to cook and to bake. And the best part is, you will be sharing delicious recipes and fun moments.

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Reference Complement Length
Weight w/o package
Weight w/ package
23799088 Aluminum baking dish with internal Starflon nonstick 5-layer coating and external polyester coating.
Spatula with stainless steel blade and polyester handle.
Polypropylene rolling pin and cookie cutters.
470 315 80 0,34 0,84
General orientations

Recommended for children aged 6 or over.
Before the first use, wash pieces thoroughly and dry them.
Be extra careful when handling hot utensils. If necessary, use protection for your hands and keep products out of the reach of children. For longer-lasting products, it is recommended to wash them by hand with mild soap or detergent. Do not use abrasive products such as cleaning paste, rough sponges, or steel wool pads. Dry thoroughly before storing.
To discard products and packaging, follow existing recycling guidelines.

For your child's health and safety, always let them use the products supervised by an adult.
Children should avoid handling hot utensils, food and mixtures.
An adult should be responsible for putting food in and getting it out of the oven.
These items are not toys.

Product Benefits

1. Aluminum cupcake pan 0,8 mm thick with Starflon 5-layer non-stick coating interior and silicon polyester exterior, with engraving.
2. Non-stick coating is scratch-resistant, durable and easy to clean.
3. The polyester comes in vibrant colors, adding harmony and elegance to your table.
4. Provides quick and even baking.
5. Modern, distinctive design.
6. Suitable for gas or electric oven.
7. Follow the instructions for use to keep your pan looking like new.