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Cookware set

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Cookware set
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6 pcs cookware set.

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Reference Complement Length
Weight w/o package
Weight w/ package
20499030 Products in aluminium with nonstick coating.
Tempered glass lid with steam vent.
Handles with anti-thermal bakelite.
520 195 250 4,54 5,02
General orientations

Before use:
Wash your utensil inside and out with a soft sponge and neutral soap or liquid detergent. Rinse and dry well, then use a paper towel to grease all the inside parts with oil or grease. Leave over a low heat for one or two minutes. Allow rosating pan to cool, then wash and rinse it again.
During use:
Do not overheat the utensil if it is empty. Always use your Starflon utensil on low to medium heat in order to retain the nutritional value of the food and preserve the non-stick coating. Do not allow flames to scorch the side of the utensil. The utensil with a non-stick finish cannot be heated to temperatures greater than 350° C. To stir or serve food, use only silicon, nylon and wooden utensils that do not cut or scratch the surface of the Starflon products. Never cut food directly on the non-stick coating.
Il is best not to immerse a hot utensil in cold water. Allow the utensil to cool before washing. Even after several uses, never use abrasive products such as cleaning paste andsteel wool pads when washing your Starflon. If food does happen to burn on your utensil, soak it for a while before washing it. Your Starflon product may be washed in the dishwasher.
Safe and proper use:
When using utensils, keep them out of the reach of children. When handling hot utensilis take extra caution and if necessary use something to protect your hands. For greater safety, when using utensils with handles, always keep them pointing away from the flame.

Product Benefits

1. Nonsticks coating Starflon inside and outside.
2. Due to the nonsticks coating the foods do not stick, enabling easy cleaning.
3. Provides a quick and uniform cooking.
4. Tempered glass lids with steam vent.
5. Can be used in gas oven, electric and ceramic glasshob.
6. Dishwasher proof.
7. Following the instructions of use, remain beautiful for much longer.