Ø22cm Pancake mold

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Ø22cm Pancake mold
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Preparing meals is even more pleasant when you use suitable utensils. The Napoli Line has the right items to prepare the best sautéed vegetables, stir-fry, paella, omelets, and all sorts of other quick recipes that your creativity can come up with. They are made of aluminum and coated with a nonstick material, which makes cooking easier without using oil or fat. The heat-resistant handles provide a comfortable grip and are essential allies in the kitchen. The pieces are dishwasher safe.


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Reference Length
Weight w/o package
Weight w/ package
20120022 373 217 46 22.0 0,24 0,24
General orientations

Keep utensil handles turned inward to the center of the stove. If stove has grates, center the item on it and align the handle with the grate. Hot utensils must be kept out of the reach of children.

Before the first use, wash the utensil with a soft sponge and mild soap or detergent. After drying, grease the internal surface with cooking oil or fat and heat it for one or two minutes. Wait for it to cool and wash again. You Starflon utensil is ready to be used with or without grease, always on low or medium heath (never above 660°F). Use only silicone, nylon, or wooden utensils to stir food.
Avoid soaking hot utensils in cold water. Never use abrasive products to wash it. If burnt food sticks to the utensil, dampen the area and leave it to soak until the residue can be removed with soap and sponge.
To discard products and packaging, follow existing recycling guidelines.

Product Benefits

Aluminium with Starflon T1 nonstick coating.
Heat-resistant bakelite handles.