Induction ceramic hob with 4 heating zones

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Induction ceramic hob with 4 heating zones
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The Square Touch 4EI 60 hob is for household use only.
With straight lines and a distinguished design, it is possible to compose cooking areas with much more freedom and more style to your kitchen.
Its induction system works through the creation of an electromagnetic field below the glass ceramic surface. Inductors which react with the magnetic metallic bottom of the pan are placed there.
The electrical current generates heat on the bottom of the pan, which is directly transferred to the food.
Its electrical operation by resistors does not conduct heat beyond the delineated area. It features Touch operation and user-friendly digital display, in addition to a locking system to prevent children from switching the appliance on.
The glass ceramic surface is easy to clean, as liquids or food residues do not stick to it due to the low temperature of the surface around the heating areas. Since there are no flames and the heat is generated by the pan, and not on the glass ceramic surface, the induction cooking system is safer, even around children.

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General orientations

- This appliance is for indoor use only. Do not use it for other purposes.
- Use only with 220V power sockets.
- Never use the glass ceramic surface as a worktop or to support objects;
- If there are any cracks on the glass ceramic top, immediately switch the appliance off and disconnect it from the power supply.
- People with pacemakers and metallic prosthetics should consult their GP before using the induction cooktop.
- Always place the pan in the center of the heat surface.
- For the cooktop to function correctly, the bottom of pans used must contain ferromagnetic induction materials, that is, ferrous metal. The most suitable pans are stainless steel or iron ones.
- Pans used on induction cooktops must have a flat bottom so they can be in contact with the whole heating area.
- Use a magnet to verify whether the pan is adequate for induction cooktop use or not. If the magnet is attracted to the base of the pan, it means it can be used on this type of appliance.
- Pans that should not be used: clay, glass, aluminum, ceramic, copper, and other non-magnetic materials.
- Always wait for the glass ceramic surface to cool before cleaning. However, if plastic objects, aluminum sheets, and foods containing sugar come into contact with the heated glass ceramic surface, you must remove these residues while the surface is still hot, using a soft sponge dampened with water.
- After the glass ceramic surface has cooled, it might be difficult to remove these melted residues (sugar, plastic, or aluminum foil).
- For a perfect cleaning operation, use Tramontina's cleaning paste to polish and remove stains in glass / ceramic surfaces.

Product Benefits

- Ceramic board.
- Induction work.
- Digital display with touch control.
- 9 temperture levels.
- Timer function.
- Control locking sistem.
- Automatic safety shutdown.
- Indicator of residual heat by showing the letter "H" on display.
- Tension: 220V
- Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz.
- 4 heating zones.
- Heating zones power:
2 x Ø 180 mm: 1,60 kW
2 x Ø 180 mm: 2,00 kW
- Hole for Instalation (W x D): 560 x 490 mm