Hoeing Shovel without Handle

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Hoeing Shovel without Handle
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Hoeing shovel without handle

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    Extra dimension (mm)      
Reference Complement A B C D Color 1 Weight w/o package
Weight w/ package
77495024 Shoeing shovel 245,0000 150,0000 50,0000 348,0000
0,4720 0,4920
77495034 Shoeing shovel 245,0000 230,0000 50,0000 348,0000
0,5200 0,5700
General orientations

The shovel is used with agricultural purposes.

Product Benefits

1. The shovels are made with special carbon steel of high quality;
2. The metallic blade is completely tempered to guarantee more resistance and less wastage during the use;
3. Goods receive electrostatic powder painting what results in better visual appearance and more resistance against corrosion.