Tool Handle

Digger handle

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Digger handle
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Reference Complement A B C D Weight w/o package
Weight w/ package
11206040 1. Digger handle
2. Goiabão wood
3. This finish provides a protective layer in clear varnish, enhancing tonality and giving the product a shine and smoother feel. "
1000,00 37,00 28,00 125,00 1,15 1,15
11206043 1.Digger handle.
2. Madera goiabão
3. Después de lijar se utiliza una cera protectora (Palma Caranday). Proporcionándole al producto una textura suave y un color claro y marrón natural. "
1000,00 37,00 28,00 125,00 1,16 1,16
General orientations

Aimed at use for agricultural, garden and civil construction tools.