Ombrelone with 1.8 m Diameter Beige Polyester Coverage

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Ombrelone with 1.8 m Diameter Beige Polyester Coverage
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Combining elegance and practicality, Tramontina has created its Patio umbrellas to offer protection on sunny days, but also to add charm to your outdoor areas. Its design perfectly matches the durability of wood and the lightness of polyester. Ideal for those days of outside gatherings with friends, sunshine and good times.

The base is the perfect accessory for your Patio umbrellas, offering safety and stability, essential for external spaces.


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Reference Length
Weight w/o package
Weight w/ package
10999081 1800 1800 1600 4,00 4,50
General orientations

1. For tables of up to 1200 mm (approximately 4 feet), use the 2,7 to 3 meter umbrella. For larger tables, use the 3.5 meter umbrella.

2. Etend the life of your umbrella, you should take it down when not in use.

3. To not store it wet or damp. If necessary, clean it using mild soap.

4. The concrete base guarantees greater stability and safety on windy days. Sold separately.

Product Benefits

1. Beige/green patio umbrella.

2. Cover has 1.8m of diameter. Patio umbrella is 1.6m tall, with a central pole diameter of 35.5mm, and weighs 4kg. The Patio umbrella is delivered assembled.

3. Structure Material: Wood.

4. Cover Material: 270 Polyester with UV protection.

5. Includes a safety latch for more stability.

6. The concrete base provides more resistance and safety for yourpatio umbrella on windy days.