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    Extra dimension (mm)    
Reference Complement A C Weight w/o package
Weight w/ package
10865084 1. square table
2. Tauari wood
3. Stained protection, with a protective varnish layer, enhancing the woods fibers and providing greater evenness in the products appearance. Recommended for protected environments."
700,00 750,00 15,13 16,10
General orientations

1. Clean with a soft sponge and neutral soap;
2. Finish with furniture polish;
3. Do not use acetone, alcohol or any other solvent or abrasive based products;
4. CLEANING: Care should be taken with all products in terms of dirt. This build up of dirtenters the wood?s pores, causing the wood to darken. For this reason the furniture should always be kept clean. A neutral detergent is recommended for washing, using a soft sponge and good amount of water;
5. TIGHTENING SCREWS: Even with rarely use pieces, all the screws should be tightened regularly. However, the screws should not be tightened excessively.