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Chair without seat.

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    Extra dimension (mm)    
Reference Complement A B Weight w/o package
Weight w/ package
10786084 1. Chair.
2. Tauari wood.
3. Stained protection, with a protective varnish layer, enhancing the woods fibers and providing greater evenness in the products appearance. Recommended for protected environments.
882,0000 450,0000 6,1625 6,7850
General orientations

Wash with soap and water and then dried. It is not recommended to dry naturally. Periodically it is recommended to a tightening of the screws. Avoid exposure to severe weather situations, such as sun, rain and dirt.

Product Benefits

Product lightweight, beautiful and practical to use.
It takes up little storage space.
Enshrined in international markets.
Enhance the environment by the style and practicality calls for leisure.
It is distinguished by the elegance of their formsand the quality of materials, making each location a
class environment.