Cachepô 533mm

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Cachepô 533mm
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Medium planter.

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10718072 1. Medium planter.
2. Jatobá wood.
3. A protection wax (Carnauba) is used after sanding. Provides the product with a soft texture and a clear and natural brown color. Recommended for less aggressive environments, when exposed to strong elements the product requires maintenance.
533,0 527,0 533,0 19,9700 21,4600
General orientations

1. CLEANING: Care should be taken with all products in terms of dirt. This build up of dirt enters the wood?s pores, causing the wood to darken. For this reason the furniture should always be kept clean. A neutral detergent is recommended for washing, using a soft sponge and good amount of water.
2. TIGHTENING SCREWS: Even with rarely use pieces, all the screws should be tightened regularly. However, the screws should not be tightened excessively.
3. For those who purchase furniture with thenatural finish: as the wood is a natural material, continuous exposure to the elements and pollution may provoke changes in its color and texture. This does not affect the mechanical resistance of the furniture, the quality or useful life. By following specific maintenance and cleaning care instructions, it is possible to choose the appearance the furniture will acquire over time.
4. For those who purchase furniture with the Eco Blindage finish: Resistant to external environments/elements. The raw materials are carefully selected based on resistance to solar rays, elasticity and the capacity to bond completely to the wood substrate. These products are ecologically correct, as elements considered a hazard to health were excluded. Providing an increased useful life to wooden furniture. Varnished touch. This product has been used in Europe for the past 12 years for external door and window finishes.
5. Do not use acetone, alcohol or any other solvent or abrasive based products.

Product Benefits

1. Composed of curved elements that guarantee a modern design, comfort and elegance in the environment.
2. Available in the natural or eco blindage finishes.
3. It stands out for the elegance of its shape and the quality of the materials.
4. Adds style to the environment and creates a relaxing atmosphere through convenience.
5. Italian Design