The trademark represents a great capital share for companies. Thus, it has to be always updated, to stop it appearing outdated and old fashioned. Follow the Tramontina trademark evolution.

  • 1955 a 1960

    Different producers devise Tramontina forms from the primary graphic productions through the product line.

  • 1964 a 1966

    The trademark presentation has kept the same over time. The capital letter "T" served as the imprinted motive of the penknife blade, the major manufacturing product of this time of the year.

  • 1967 a 1975

    The capital "T" went through refining, making a personality statement.

  • 1977 a 1978

    More changes to the "T" were made after the brand name was given graphic iconography.

  • 1980 a 1990

    The 80s and the 90s brought about more changes to the trademark. A careful look into surveys and research led to the trademark used as late as 2004!

  • 2004

    In the year 2004, the brand name was also updated with slight changes. The change follows a previous trend trademark trend that primes on simple shapes and, hence, enhancing even more some visual elemets of the trademark, keeping the ackowledged identity by the customers.