Soap dispenser 500 ml

Code 94517002

The soap dispenser also ensures a better use of countertop space, besides facilitating the dishwashing. With incredible detail, that will make all the difference in your kitchen.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits The soap dispenser can be installed in the top or in the sink.
Soap dispenser in stainless steel AISI 304 with polished finish.
Plastic container with a capacity of 500 ml.
Cut size to fit the dispenser: Ø 35 mm.
Easy to fill up: just remove the cap

Recommendations for Use Clean with normal neutral detergents.
Only use soft sponge or cloth to wash the piece.
Rinse and dry well the piece after use.
To replenish the container, just pull the lid.
To maintain the original appearance of the dispenser, it is recommended the use of Superinox.
Weight 0,20 kg
Length 57 mm
Width 102 mm
Height 320 mm
Capacity 0.50 L