Nylon string trimmer AP1000, 1000 W/ 127 V

Code 79632102

For finishes, contours, and edges, the AP1000 grass trimmer is the best option. Created specifically to trim places that the lawn mower does not reach, the trimmer is easy to use and ensures a perfect finish when you are mowing the lawn or trimming the garden. Certified product by Inmetro [Brazilian Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology] according to OCP-0034, NCC, Regulation, Safety, Compulsory.

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits - 1000 W engine, 127 V, 50/60 Hz, nominal current 2.6 A.
- Maximum rotation of 11,000 rpm.
- Cutting diameter of 28 cm.
- 1.8 mm thick and 8 m long nylon string.
- Automatic feed string system.
- Cable locking system prevents disconnection of the power cord.
- Nylon string limitator.
- Adjustable handle.
- Ergonomic grip handle.
- Ergonomically designed for easier handling.
- Weight 2.6 kg.
- Electrostatic powder painting arm which makes it more resistant and less prone to wear during use.
- Recommended cutting area 100 m².
- Domestic use.
- Product made in Brazil.
- 1-year warranty, 9 months contractual warranty and 90 days legal warranty.
- Technical support available in Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia.
Recommendations for Use - PROPER AND SAFE USAGE: Tramontina's nylon string trimmer is perfect for domestic use. It is meant to help in the finishing of the garden, such as making contour lines in grassy areas. Never use the trimmer without the plastic protector as other strings, though similar, can damage the equipment, mainly when the diameter is different from the already specified diameter. We recommend using only Tramontina replacement parts.

- INSTRUCTIONS: Before of turning the equipment on, check if its voltage is in accordance with the electric power. For your safety, avoid unplugging the electric cable while you are working. Connect the power cord to the cable fixing of the trimmer (read the manual of instructions). The trimmer should be used with both hands. Hold the grip with one hand and the holder with the other. Keep the switch pressed while working.

- BEFORE USING: Carefully read the manual of use and maintenance. Remove any stones, trunk roots, or other objects that can shatter the nylon string or cause it to coil.

- DURING USE: Always wear closed-toed shoes and security glasses. Never raise the trimmer when it is turned on. However, if you must raise it, do it so that the nylon string is opposite the worker. Try to keep the electric cable behind the trimmer, and always keep it where the grass has already been already cut. Never use this equipment in the rain or wet areas. Work during the day or in very well-lit places.

- CLEANING: After using, clean the trimmer with a damp cloth or brush. Never pour water on the trimmer.
Weight 2,60 kg
Length 905 mm
Width 310 mm
Height 881 mm
Warranty 12 months for domestic use