Inmetro Certification – Plastic Chairs

Compulsory certification for monobloc plastic chairs.

INMETRO has published Rule No. 342/2014, available on its website at, which requires the Monobloc Plastic Chair to be sold only after registering compliance with INMETRO. Registration is indicated on the chairs by the Conformity Assessment Seal that must appear on the product clearly, in a visible location, that cannot be removed, and that is either printed on a sticker or engraved in high relief.

In order to obtain the registration, the chair must be tested and certified following the INMETRO Rule No. 342/2014 that divides the chairs into two classes - class A for residential use and class B for unrestricted use. Strength tests differ as described below:

Static test: Consists of placing a 154 kg load (class A) or a 182 kg load (class B) on the chair’s seat. The chair must withstand the weight for 30 minutes.

Impact test: The chair receives 10 impacts of 68 kg. The height of this impact is 15.2 cm for class A and 20.3 cm for class B. 

Back leg test: Consists of placing a 154 kg load (class A) or a 182 kg load (class B) on the chair’s seat, leaning the front legs against a wooden block with a height of 9.5 cm or 11.4 cm. This height depends on the chair type.

Pursuant to Rule No. 341/2014, all chairs must bear the following information for the consumer, which must appear either engraved in high relief, on a tag, or in-mold labelling, in letters a minimum of 5mm in size: the company’s CNPJ (taxpayer ID No.), manufacturing batch number, date of manufacture (month and year), chair classification (A or B), maximum weight allowed, and the product’s useful life. 

Inmetro Certificate – Tramontina Eletrik Switches and Sockets

Tramontina Eletrik produces plugs, outlets, switches, and adapters which are used in low voltage electrical installations and require mandatory certification to be sold in the Brazilian market, since they might pose risks to the population.

Plugs, sockets, switches, and adapters are submitted to regular testing according to relevant standards for each product in order to ensure the quality and safety required.

TÜV Rheinland (Product Certification Body) is accredited by INMETRO and certifies these products.

ISO 9001

The Quality Management System refers to activities performed within the company in order to meet customers’ requirements and expectations.


ISO 14001

The Environmental Management System is a tool used to implement the Environmental Policy and demonstrate commitment to the environment.

Brazilian Labeling Program (PBE)

The PBE is an energy saving program which aims at guiding the consumer through informative labels regarding the energy efficiency of the products sold in Brazil.

The objective of this is program is to encourage capping energy consumption by using more efficient products.  Labeling enables consumers to assess diverse products according to their energy performance and choose those which will save the most during their use.

Tramontina cooktops were especially designed using maximum energy efficiency, quality, and safety as parameters.

Inmetro Certificate – Appliances

Tramontina's line of electrical appliances is certified according to compulsory standards established by Inmetro, with products fully compliant with standard ABNT NBR NM 60335-1. Seeking partnerships with globally recognized product certification bodies (PCBs) ensures the quality and safety that have always been present in Tramontina's products.

Energy Efficiency Seal – Petrobras - Conpet

The products which have the best energy performance in their category bear an energy efficiency seal. This means that these products have been acknowledged as the best in terms of energy consumption, and this makes all the difference for the customers.

Thus, the seal contributes towards a culture of constant awareness of energy efficiency and the respective emissions resulting from it.

With this seal, Tramontina shows its concern with developing increasingly efficient products, geared towards a rational use of energy.

Inmetro Certificate – Grass Trimmers and Electric Lawn Mowers

Inmetro published decree 371/2009, available online from, which complies with standard ABNT NBR NM 60335-1 and particular regulations pertaining to electrical appliances and similar products. This standard defines the safety requirements which must be observed when manufacturing electrical equipment. Compliance with the decree became compulsory in July 2011 for manufacturing and importing, July 2012 for sales by manufacturers and importers, and January 2013 for sales by retailers.

The certification aims at preventing accidents and protecting customers in relation to electrical, mechanical, thermal, fire, and radiation hazards from the appliances when using the equipment as normal.

Gardening equipment that is part of the grass trimmers and electric lawn mowers family must be certified according to Inmetro Decree n° 371/2009, meaning they must display a compliance stamp showing the Inmetro and product certification body (PCB) seals. The product can only display this seal if it is certified according to the standard regulating the quality criteria for that product.

The main benefits of compliance are manufacturing products according to international quality standards, ensuring increased safety to the customers, and favoring fairer competition between domestically manufactured and imported goods.


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